Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

Hi there friends,

With a new webshop come a bunch of new features, some of which will hopefully make your shopping experience a little bit better! Among other things:
  • You'll be able to create customer accounts!
  • You can subscribe to our Newsletter and receive information on future releases, sales and the likes. We promise, we will only send Newsletters when there's important information to convey! As a small Thank You, you'll get a 10% off discount on your first order in the new store.
  • You'll have the option to subscribe to Back in Stock emails on your favorite products. This will hopefully help us too, to see if there's any interest in any sold out items!
  • You'll be able to search for products!
  • You can filter by Theme, Product Type and Release as well as many subcategories.
  • And then of course there's this blog too :) We are not quite sure yet, what we'll use this space for; if there's anything you'd like to see, maybe something that is not available on our other platforms (YouTube, Instagram), do let us know! Ideas are always welcome, we will then see what is feasible. You know, small business, little time ;P
One thing we wanted to mention to all of you living outside of Germany and the EU - we have very strict Data Privacy regulations and there are a bunch of frustrating, annoying, seemingly unnecessary things involved with these. As a result you might see things on the website that you are not used to. As an example, double opt-in when subscribing to our Newsletter (meaning, you have to 1. enter your email address on the website and hit Subscribe 2. you have to then go to your emails and click on Subscribe in the email we sent you - this is to make sure no one else signed up in your name). Same goes for the Back in Stock function (when you click on Notify Me! on sold out items). Then there's a check box for Terms of Service in your cart, before you check out...You are not able to check out unless you tick that box!

Some functions we cannot make available because they are not GDPR compliant. Others are required by Germany only - we are learning new things every day :)

German speaking friends! We've done our best to translate the website to German for you, it definitely will not be amazing, but we hope it'll help you in some way anyway.

Please bear with us as there will undoubtedly be some kinks to work out in the beginning, both on the new website and in all processes related to it. If you notice anything that doesn't seem right, we appreciate if you drop us a message!

We hope you'll love the new website! We put all our hearts and souls into it, it definitely was a labor of love! :)

Happy shopping!

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11 Kommentare

Just found you. Looking forward to your new release. Your flower girls are adorable.

Angela B

So excited about your new products coming out. Yay

Laurie Sherwin

I just found you and love your d re sins and demo’s. Will you ever bring back the granny bicycle?


bonjour , je ne vois pas le papier a acheter pouvez vous me dire pourquoi et dans la négative pouvez vous me donner le site ou vous commandez votre papier merci beaucoup

Marie Claude PIFFARD

Looks great and I love that I will be able to set up an account! Hope all is going smoothly.


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